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State of Education in Pakistan

The literacy rate in Pakistan is way below par. The total expenditure of the National Budget spent on education has always been insubstantial. In a society where such is the state of education: ignorance, poverty, immorality, social injustice and corruption is the way of life. The root cause of all the evils, existing in our social structure is illiteracy.

The rural population of Pakistan has always been ignored in the field of education. The educational facilities that have been provided by the government have been of a substandard quality with no thought to their needs and prosperity.

With this situation in hand, a group of female volunteers decided to form a welfare society to teach those who are deprived. Their main priority was moral upbringing and character building by means of education.

The students are provided both theoretical and practical guidance regarding different health and hygiene issues. Thus different check lists are designed to monitor the level of hygiene awareness amongst the students.

Society for Educational Welfare has designed a special series of 8 books named as “Health and Hygiene” Series. These books are taught in different classes to our students.

Achievements- Our Journey through the Years

SEW started its operations in a house comprising of two rooms taken on rent. And today by the Grace of God, we are running our network throughout the country

  • We have schools in more than 22 regions across the country
  • More than 134 schools all over
  • Having more than 14,400 students

Up till today more than 12,000 have passed out after completing their education at our schools.


To promote education and to induct islamic values for the betterment of individuals and to flourish a health society.


A responsibility towards educating the destitute children of Pakistan.